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Below are some images of the work we have carried out for our customers and also some of the quality products we install.

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Installing a gas hob during a kitchen refit


This is a Mira ‘Elite’ 9.8KW electric shower which we recently installed in some sheltered accommodation we look after. There is a problem with low water pressure which prevents many normal electric showers from working. This particular model works off a tank fed water supply as it has its own in built pump. It was a perfect solution and left the tenant very happy


A lot of old heating systems are inadequately controlled which results in energy inefficiency. When we replace an old boiler for a new H.E. {high efficiency} model we will upgrade the system controls to the latest standards. This is a radio frequency room thermostat we installed in a property which didn’t previously have any controls. The room in which a thermostat needed installing was immaculately decorated and the homeowner didn’t want his decoration disturbed.

The radio frequency thermostat was the answer as it needs no hard wiring


Paul Dooley practicing one of his old skills of lead work. Many of the old Plumbers who Paul trained under actually referred to themselves as ‘lead burners’ or lead dressers’ rather than Plumbers. The old art is now seeing a revival amongst the Plumbing & Heating trade with the increase in use of vertical flue systems on the modern high efficiency boilers. A lead flashing around where the flue terminal passes through the roof ensures that it is weather tight  

It's a nice from view up here  

This was a typical small job for us; swapping a monoblock mixer tap in a catering establishment. This is many peoples idea of what a Plumber does. We do such a wide scope of work and taps are just a small part of it  

A high efficiency condensing combination boiler has a cold water supply, hot water outlet, gas supply, heating flow pipe, heating return pipe, a condensate drain and a pressure relief valve outlet pipe. That’s seven pipes and too often we see them poorly and untidily installed. We take great care in our work and pride ourselves on our neat installations.  

Here’s where all those pipes lead to. This is an Ideal ‘Isar’ condensing combination boiler.  

The expert hand of Jon Mitchell replacing a defective diverter valve on a Worcester 28CDi combination boiler. Attending to boiler breakdowns and getting them up and running again is an important part of our business.  

Steven our 4th year apprentice, fitting insulation to some heating pipes in a garage.  

We install a lot of Ideal boilers. Other brands we use are Potterton, Baxi, Glow-Worm, Worcester Bosch and Vaillant.  

Another model we can install.  

The end result of an electric shower installation in a full bathroom refit which included all plastering & tiling.  

A modern basin with monoblock taps on the same installation.  

One of our engineers using a combustion gas analyser to measure the flue gas on a newly installed high efficiency Glow–Worm boiler. This is a vital part of commissioning an appliance to ensure it is burning cleanly and at its maximum efficiency.